Final Draft Adopted May 1, 2017

What is a Comprehensive Land Development Plan?

A document that combines several elements to create a unified vision for the future of the City. The plan will include information on growth patterns, population trends, transportation issues, housing choices, the environment and natural resources. This comprehensive plan will serve as the City’s guide to community physical, social and economic development and will provide a rational basis for local land use decisions with a twenty-year vision for future planning and community decisions.

Why Plan?

A comprehensive examination into our community’s past, present and future is an important process that can help guide decision makers, public administrators and community investment.


During the planning process the City will have the opportunity to collect and discuss a set of facts and values pertinent to the City. Facts include data on population projections, growth trends, economic and environmental resources, existing rules and regulations, and other important community indicators. Values will be collected through public workshops designed to engage City residents during the planning process. Workshops will focus on identifying the wants and concerns of current residents and key issues facing the City now and in the near future.

Role of the Advisory Committee

The advisory committee was appointed by the City Council, representing a wide range of community interests, to help guide the planning process. This committee will meet monthly during the creation of the comprehensive plan to help make sure that the final planning document represents the needs, wants, desires and wishes of the City.

Project Timeline

Initial Staff Meetings Nov 2015
Demographic & Existing Conditions Analysis Nov 2015 – Dec 2015
Public Involvement Dec 2015 – Dec 2016
Develop the Plan July 2016 – Dec 2016
Produce the Final Plan Dec 2016 – Feb 2017