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Greg Payne Greg Payne wrote on November 7, 2016 at 2:26 pm:
Sect. 4, Pg 54, G-1 Downtown Mixed Use
This section could highlight the potential for infill development and reuse/redevelopment of vacant and underutilized properties.

Sect 4, Pg 54, G-1 Mixed-Use NC 119 and US 70
Walkability/Natural Resources could highlight potential connections (sidewalk/path/trail) to the new park that will be built on the west side of downtown, in addition to downtown itself.

Sect 4, Pg 55, G-1 Mixed-Use Cameron Lane area
Walkability/Natural Resources could say “Provide carefully planned entrances and exits onto Mebane Oaks Road and South Fifth Street to encourage pedestrian safety.”

Section 5, Land Development Plan Recommendations
Will there be a section for economic development recommendations in the plan, or would they be included under another section?

Goal 1 .2
Regarding downtown, could emphasize support for infill development and higher use of existing properties (such as more upstairs residential) to help make downtown more vibrant.

Goal 1.5
The plan could support a diversity of housing types (such as small single-family units, patio homes, duplexes and mother-in-law apartments) to promote affordability.

It could call for any subsidized housing to be scattered throughout the city, not concentrated in any one area.

The Advisory Committee participating in a Growth Strategy Workshop (April 19, 2016):