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Mark Bonner Mark Bonner from Mebane wrote on March 8, 2017 at 11:31 am:
The goal of establishing "affordable housing" is a noble one but misguided at best and will begin a slippery slope of complaints and escalating costs that the City should not want to invest in . We just moved from Durham after living there for 59 years. Not once has Durham ever invested in "affordable housing' without losing money and having to redo a particular project over and over. Now Durham is considering an interest free loan to those "affordable housing" homeowners who are now complaining that they can't pay the increased property taxes, all this subsidized by the hard working people of Durham who do pay. Housing should be market based and if there is a need, and a reasonable economic return then one of the many tract builders will build it. If there is not, then they won't and the City shouldn't either.

The Advisory Committee participating in a Growth Strategy Workshop (April 19, 2016):