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Jesse Day Jesse Day wrote on October 27, 2016 at 2:23 pm:
Comments received at the October 25 Advisory Committee Meeting
• How can “infill” be conducted in the “balance of the watershed”? City Staff mentioned that there are 334 acres of “reserve” that can be developed in the watershed and this allotment can be used in the areas north of US 70 and the railroad. (see Water Supply and Watershed Regulations section p. 46)
• Need to add land use and acreage values from 2001 for comparison to today’s allocations for comparison (p. 34)
• Add the City’s Annexation policy to Land Use and Land Suitability Section
• Map 13: Natural Resources – Update to reflect recommended buffers of 150 ft to corridors other than the priority greenway corridors and instead to streams and creeks with high natural resource and habitat value (e.g. streams that intersect the 500+ contiguous acre cover or are in the protected watershed. (p. 51 & 63 – Goal 5.3)
• Map 13: Natural Resources - Add adopted and propose greenway along Little Haw River
• Map 13: Natural Resources – Include map as a dynamic online map in
• Map 14: Growth Strategy Map – Show Green Infrastructure in a hashed overlay
• Goal 1.5 Affordable Housing – Add “quality” to affordable housing (p. 59)
• Public Facilities and Infrastructure – add a policy for providing facilities to traditionally underserved areas of Mebane (p. 59 & 60)
• Goal 4.2 Look at a parking study for Downtown Mebane to identify strategies for supply and access to the downtown area – encourage a public/private partnership (p. 61)
• Goal 5.4 Add a recommendation for a local land preservation “friends” group and policy on preserving local farms and agriculture and additional setbacks from ag uses (see prioritization plan for the Triangle Farm Lands conducted by CTNC)
• Goal 5.5 Change 2 acres to 3 acres or more
• Growth Projections and Scenarios will be added for review at the final Advisory Committee Meeting

The Advisory Committee participating in a Growth Strategy Workshop (April 19, 2016):